Frequently Asked Questions


Once you select the product/products you want to purchase from us, you can request a quote online. Upon you receive the quotation you can contact our sales team to place the order.

We offer a range of medical equipment from major international brands in the world for hospitals, healthcare professionals and individuals. Our product categories include Consumer, Dental Equipment, Medical Ortho solutions and …………….

Please browse through our product pages to learn more about the whole product range we offer.

Yes. We have a team of consultants who will assist you in providing all the information about the product you need. They will also help you in selecting the best product for your unique situation.

It depends on the product you are ordering as our manufacturers are spread worldwide. Usually, it would take between ………………(please add the number of days) days. You can contact us at [email protected] to get exact details on the delivery time. 

Yes, we do. We deliver right to your place, ensuring fast and secure transfer for your purchase.

We offer a warranty for all the products you purchase from us. If the product is eligible for a warranty, we will provide a replacement. We also offer spare parts and aftercare services for all the products we sell.  

We offer after sales services for all the products we sell at Rawafed. Thus, we can promptly assist you with servicing and repairing your equipment.

Yes, we do. The warranty may differ from product to product. You can contact our support team to learn about the worry we offer for the particular product you want to purchase. 

Yes, we do offer customization solutions for many of our products to ensure our customers receive a well-fitting and well-suited solution for their situation.